Making do

For a team that is making do with a collection of loans, freebies, kids, and players past their prime, Birmingham City didn’t do too badly against Swansea.  It was disappointing to lose but good to see Blues playing well.    

I just read an article* about another team that is going through a hard time this season but I don’t think it will arouse too much sympathy from Blues fans.  Here’s a quote:

“As Manchester City, fuelled by Sheikh Mansour’s dynastic wealth, were spending £1bn in just three years on their plan, determined in 2008, to have two world-class players in each position, United were making do. The signpost to where they went, in ambition and players, came in 2009, when they sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid for £81m. Carlos Tevez also left, for City, Mansour paying Tevez’s third-party owners £45m for the Argentinian who had won two Premier League titles and the 2008 Champions League in two years at Old Trafford.”

Yes, it’s poor old Manchester United that is making do while its rich rivals spent £1bn in three years. And it’s their fans who are facing the terrible prospect that their team may not qualify for the Champions League.

What a gulf there is between the way that Birmingham City makes do and making do in Manchester!

*Manchester United slump exposes failings of Glazers’ plans