Losing is not a tragedy

My football disaster vocabulary has been recalibrated this week.  Losing 0-8 at home is horrible but not a tragedy; losing most of your team in a plane crash is. I read that some Birmingham City fans are planning a tribute to Chapecoense at St Andrew’s on Saturday, which seems fitting because our fandom helps us to empathise with the fans whose team has been destroyed.

Nobody can care about all the tragedies and disasters around the world; there has to be some connection to make us care.  The stronger the connection, the more we care. I’m sure the Brazilian people feel the tragedy more than I do.  I can remember the shock in this country when Manchester United players and staff died in the Munich air disaster, in February 1958.

When I go to the game tomorrow, I’ll be hoping that Blues win. But win or lose, I hope I’ll remember to be grateful if we all get home safe and sound afterwards.