Losing is not fun.  I can understand why fans leave early when we are losing but it made me sad to see so many people walking out at the Fulham game.  It’s been over 70 years since my dad first took me to a Blues game so I have had plenty of time to get accustomed to the fact that Birmingham City can and do lose some games.  When I did a quick count of relegations on the Wikipedia list of seasons I counted 14 relegations. That may not be accurate but we do get relegated quite often.

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4 thoughts on “Losing

    1. Puddleglum Post author

      I know some of the people leaving early had good reasons but there were so many leaving that I though some just didn’t like watching us lose.

  1. WayCoolBlue

    First half we was the better team they got their goal against the run of play and from the corner which there was a foul so the goal should not of stood. They got the second goal from a very soft and in my opinion not a penalty.

    It was always going to be an uphill struggle from there we had to push forward we had to try and get the next goal the next goal went to them that’s the risk we took.

    Goals like that change games we was always in the game at 1-0. 2-0 from a non penalty is what change the game .
    Time to bounceback against Peterborough.

    The team played like a proper Birmingham City side they gave it their all right up into the end so I stayed to the end had they been rubbish I would’ve probably left because I live in Worcester and I have to get the train to Worcester for gate street in less I want to pay for a taxi I left Birmingham from more street and got off at Worcester shrub hill then paid £15 for a taxi home. Wouldn’t have done that had we played badly but as they was playing well and given it their all I thought it was worth the extra £15 to stop and get behind the team no matter what.

    I haven’t left a single game early this season so what does that tell you ?

    1. WayCoolBlue

      Follow-up to my previous post

      So I imagine there’s a few people who have the same way of thinking. When Zola was the manager me and my son decided to leave early many times to save taxi fair because if we get the train from Birmingham new Street to Worcester four gate street It’s then just a short walk up to the bus and we get home much earlier and save that £15 in a taxi. But we go to every match with the intention of getting the train from Moor Street train station then from there getting a taxi home.

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