Losing never feels good but losing to Bournemouth in the cup didn’t feel as bad as losing to Reading. The cup game wasn’t a bad game. Cohen Bramall looked good on his debut; Isaac Vassell and Wes Harding also played well.  I was disappointed but not depressed by the result.

The Reading game was depressing. Carl Jenkinson had a miserable debut, going off with a dislocated shoulder after half an hour, and Blues couldn’t keep the ball. The crowd was supportive for most of the match and sang Keep Right On after Reading’s first goal but a lot left after their second goal.  I don’t remember them singing We’ve got Redknapp during the game but it’s possible that they did and I’d dozed off and didn’t notice.

Harry Redknapp has expressed his disappointment over transfers. It will be interesting to see what happens in the last few days of the transfer window and how he reacts to it.  If he doesn’t get the kind of players he wants, will he be prepared to work out a formation that fits the players he’s got?  Or will he walk away?

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