Birmingham City lost at Burton on Friday and we might lose again on Sunday. That’s football and its unpredictability is part of its attraction. Losing feels bad whoever the team is playing but it’s not the end of the world.

I wasn’t sorry I’d gone to Burton. I quite like standing on a terrace. It’s much better than standing in a seated area, which is what you usually have to do when you go to away games. You can move around on a terrace and choose where to stand; in seated areas there’s not much you can do if the man in front of you is tall and wide.

I hope we play better on Sunday and, of course, I want us to win. But most of all, I hope that the occasion won’t be marred by any stupid violence between fans. I don’t believe that supporting one team requires hating any other team. I love the Blues and I don’t hate the Villa.

4 thoughts on “Losing

  1. Paul Hawkins

    I hate the Villa but that doesnt mean to say i want to go out and start trouble. Its banter between two closest rival clubs and if you ask most Vile supporters then im pretty sure they would say the same. Its been the same for many genarations of Villa,Blues supporters. Its the same in other derbies such as Manchester,Glasgow, Merseyside etc.

  2. Paul Hawkins

    I dont agree with the trouble that occasionally happens but ill never change how i feel towards the Vile just like how they feel towards us.

  3. john

    I could understand this “hate” talk, if either team was worth loving ! Both are poor teams who will struggle to finish in the top ten !

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