Looking for a silver lining

I felt depressed when the club’s statement said the transfer embargo had not been lifted even though it was just confirming what I had thought for some time.  And the post on almajir.net describes a sobering situation. I have been trying to cheer myself up by looking for some positives.  

I mentioned one good outcome of the transfer ban in a post on the Blues Trust website: that it would increase the opportunities for our young players to step up to the first team and show what they can do. I also said that I would prefer to know the truth even if it is bad news. So, I’m glad the club has made a statement even though they took so long to do it.

Eventually, I hope they will understand that it would help if they would be more open with us.  They could have told us at the end of last season that the Financial Fair Play regulations might mean they couldn’t sign players. They could also have said they were going to develop our own young players and, given Wes Harding’s impressive performances in the team, fans probably would have welcomed that. Whatever we think of the current situation, I think most of us want to support the players on the pitch.

My main hope is that Garry Monk will realise that he is in a no-lose situation.  If we don’t get some new players and do poorly then it is obviously not his fault. If we do better than last season, it will show what a good manager he is. If Monk stays, then I think we could have a reasonable season and not be in danger of relegation on the final day.

2 thoughts on “Looking for a silver lining

  1. Binghamblue

    Without saying that communication was perfect reading the almajir.com post highlights the dilemma the club and the EFL face(d). We need to bring in money and reduce costs. That involves selling players on high wages. But if other clubs know the situation they will not offer the market rate, and equally many will find it hard to match the wages we have given to certain players, so we can’t get rid of them. Arguably if we and the EFL kept quiet this situation might have been mitigated if not entirely avoided, but I doubt it. It seems to me that there are several Championship clubs in a similar position. QPR clearly and until the recent investment our friends across the A38. Looking at the lack of deals at this level there are clearly several others, who don’t attract as much press coverage as Blues.
    Clearly, I think, we were/are hoping for cash from sell on clauses from Butland and perhaps Gray at Leicester. Alternatively we will have to sell Stockdale at below his value and perhaps subsidise his wages to a certain extent. The latter could possibly be enough to allow Pedersen to sign?
    What it does further exaggerate is the advantage of relegated teams, like Stoke, who have a couple of “free” years. I don’t see an easy solution short of new investment or income from sell ons.

  2. Pat tobin

    Same old story supporters pay money and then are let down but what annoys me is where are these local buissnessmen with money surely someone could back us who knows enough about the club

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