Loans, feeder teams and scarf update

Jesse LingardBirmingham City F C couldn’t manage without loan players this season and it was great to see our most recent loanee, Jesse Lingard, double our tally of league goals on his debut. I just hope his confidence rubs off on some of our other players.

The loan system is complicated and far from perfect but Premier League clubs have now come up with a suggestion for something worse.  They want to dismantle the league pyramid structure and allow Premier League clubs to have formal arrangements with smaller clubs who would act as their feeder clubs.  Imagine how you would feel if BCFC were a feeder club for Chelsea or, perish the thought, for Aston Villa!

An article on the 200% site explains the situation far better than I can, read it: ‘B’ Teams & Feeder Teams: Desecration As A Solution To A Problem That Doesn’t Exist  (July 2014 Update: I’m sorry that this link doesn’t work any more.)

Scarf update

The latest news on the scarves is that they may be delivered on Wednesday and, if they do arrive, some will be on sale around the ground before the cup game with Swansea. The price will be £5.

Once I have them I will be working out the cost of mailing them and will put some information about that on this blog.

At the moment I don’t have time to reply to all the messages I have received but will try to do that sometime this week. I’d like to thank those who have taken the time to make comments on this site or on the Small Heath Alliance forum.  I appreciate those of you who have been kind and encouraged me.  And I also want to thank the naysayers; if I hadn’t come in for a bit of ridicule on the SHA forum I would have worried that I was doing something wrong.


2 thoughts on “Loans, feeder teams and scarf update

  1. sappy sap

    ………..stupid idea, …it would kill off the f.a cup if both joined clubs were to play each other ,the smaller club would be expected to lose as the bigger club could make a vastly different gain by sponsorship and advertising than the smaller club ..and I cant see the fans of the smaller standing for that ….if the smaller club was going great guns in their league ,and the larger club had a large injury problems the fans of the smaller club would not want their star players taken out on loan to suit the larger club. …….to much baggage that can bring football as a whole into disrepute…

  2. joking

    Sappy Sap
    I am sorry to say the Premier clubs don’t give a flying f**k about the fans of the smaller clubs, all they are looking for is higher profits. I wouldn’t be surprised if the premier doesn’t end up like the SPL where there are only 10 clubs playing each other 4 times a season and to hell with the rest of the football clubs in this country. (liverpool, Everton, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Manure, Newcastle, Fulham and West Ham) I include the last 3 because of either location or fan base. You can forget the west midlands as it has been shown time and again the FA think F.A. about us. The same as Parliament, to them we are a backwater that should be ignored.

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