I remember a protest on the Kop after Birmingham City’s loss to Portsmouth on February 1993.  The club was in the hands of the receivers following the financial collapse of the Kumars and the fans were getting impatient because it was taking a long time for it to be sold. Some of them stood on the Kop after the game and chanted, “Receivers out!”  I can remember thinking how illogical that was but how understandable.  The club was in a miserable state, the receivership had been dragging on for about three months and they wanted it to be over. 

They got what they wanted. In March, David Sullivan and Karren Brady arrived to rescue the club. That didn’t mean all the problems were over. The following season, 1993-94, made it into the Hopeless Football League Teams series on The Two Unfortunates site.

Our current situation feels very similar to February 1993. I find it hard to keep up with all the turns and twists in the Birmingham International Holdings Limited saga but I do know I want them to end. I also know that new owners won’t necessarily mean an end to all our problems. But that doesn’t stop me hoping for some more joys among the sorrows. We have lost our last two games and tomorrow we’ll be playing a team that have won their last two and are seventh in the table. But that doesn’t mean we should abandon all hope of a result. On this anniversary of our League Cup Final win, we should remember that in football anything can happen. That’s why I love it and why I keep going to games.

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  1. gary barnfield

    very well put. you are not alone in your assessment. lets get the train back on the tracks, starting tomorrow.

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