Let it rain

B9 weatherRain is forecast for Saturday, which somehow seems suitable for watching a football match. I’m planning to go and watch Blues play Inverness Caledonian Thistle. (What a great name for a football team!) I didn’t manage to get to any of the other pre-season games so it will be my first chance to see some of the new players in action.  I won’t be trying to assess their quality, just to learn their names. I’m not good at analysing a game. I can tell whether things are going well or badly but not why. (That’s why you’ll never see a match report on this blog.)

When I lived in the USA, August was always the worst month for homesickness.  This was partly because I lived in Riverside, California, which was far too hot in summer, but also because I missed the start of the football season. This is the time of year when fans, even Birmingham City fans who should know better, cherish the hope that this may be the season when dreams come true – when we get promoted to the Premier League and win the FA Cup. I can remember an occasion when the American TV news showed a clip from Blackpool, where someone had broken the record for the number of days spent going round and round on a roller coaster. He said that the weather had been cool and wet, which had made it more difficult for him.  Cool and wet sounded wonderful to me as I endured the hot, dry summer in Riverside.

So I’m looking forward to the game tomorrow and I’ve printed a copy of my cheat sheet (link below) to take to the game so I can start learning the names.

Birmingham City Cheat Sheet 1 8 2014

2 thoughts on “Let it rain

  1. Bazzathebluenose

    Thanks for the cheat sheet mate! Brilliant idea and will certainly help me with my reports on Joys and Sorrows when the season starts in earnest. Don’t think I can make tomorrow but will be tuning in on Blues Player. Enjoy the match and grab a pint for me. 🙂 KRO SOTV

  2. chris

    Bazza, the owner of this blog is a Ms, Margaret of the Blues Trust.
    Whether she drinks pints i don’t know!

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