Last stand

Standing to watch at Yeovil

Standing to watch at Yeovil

I’ve reached the age where I prefer to sit rather than stand at a football match. Nevertheless I do have some fond memories of the terraces, such as standing at the Railway End with my dad back in the 1950s.  So when I bought a ticket for the game against Yeovil Town I chose to stand in the Copse Road End.  Who knows how many other chances I might get to stand on a terrace; it could be my last opportunity.

If I allocated words in proportion to time spent on an activity I would devote most of this to a description of the coach journey.  I spent a couple of hours at the game and more than nine on the coach.  Heavy holiday traffic, road works on the motorway, and narrow country roads all helped to prolong the journey time.  It felt as though everyone who owned a caravan was towing it and heading in the same direction as us. I went on one of the official coaches from St Andrews, which left there just after 9.30 am and arrived at Huish Park around 2.30 pm.

The crowd of 8,717 came close to filling the stadium and it was clear that this first ever home game in the Championship was a huge occasion for Yeovil Town FC.  Before the game there were fireworks and a singer in a long yellow dress singing The Impossible Dream.  She returned at half time to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone; I’m afraid the Birmingham City fans gave her an unkind reception.

I find it irritating when I have to stand at away games because the people in front of me are standing. So I was surprised that I enjoyed standing at Yeovil.  When you are standing on a terrace designed for standing there is freedom to move around a little and that seems to make all the difference for me.  If Yeovil does manage to stay in the Championship for several seasons, I think it would have to have an all-seater ground.  I think that would be a pity. The Copse Road End terrace is not large or high and I doubt that it’s dangerous.

I enjoyed the game; there was plenty of effort and some skill on display from both sides. The weather was warm but not too hot.  We won.  I have no regrets about going to stand at Yeovil.

Coaches for Yeovil 10/8/2013

2 thoughts on “Last stand

  1. Chris hart

    Safe standing has to be reintroduced in all grounds! There’s no denying that away fans love the terraces and theres a few reasons why, better atmosphere, more freedom to view the game and generally a more social experience with your own fans! Last season in the championship Peterborough had the highest average away gate there’s one reason why, because its a large standing terrace which people love which could hold 4500 people and i doubt there’s many better away ends than that when full! Would we off took 2000 to Yeovil if it weren’t standing? I don’t know if we would off! Also if we introduced standing in the ground the atmosphere would no doubt get better and I personally feel many people would come back! We all want one thing a match day to be ad good as possible and to be a better experience I think safe standing has to be introduced just look at Germany how well is it over there! KRO

  2. Letsby Avenue

    I’ve read some horrendous experiences from travelling fans to the Yeovil match.
    Some actually diverted and missed the match anyway….some set off too late..
    …..the Coaches from St Andrews only made it with 30 minutes to spare…..

    There was a trending hashtag on Twitter about the M5 CarPark….at one point it had an 18 mile tailback… the M5 that is….
    …I blame the weather.. 🙂

    Us Blues got mixed into the “holiday” traffic if we went by road.

    We came upwards against the flow and it was pretty easy—- 🙂


    Germany, imo, have got it ‘bang-on’.

    They have Stadia built to support standing or sitting…in the same place.
    Seats can be locked back to allow standers, per row.
    For crucial matches, (derbies etc) seating is autonatic

    But, it’s good to stand and lean, now and again,…I also had a few puffs, and nobody went postal on me…in fact, I noiced quite a few ‘noses having a puff throughoutt the match ! Open Air…right !


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