Last home game

There was a lot less tension for Birmingham City’s final home game this season than for the corresponding fixture last year. Last year, the 1-0 loss put Wigan Athletic into the playoffs and left Birmingham teetering on the brink of relegation. This year, the result was not that important but you wouldn’t have guessed that from watching the game. It was an entertaining game, with lots of shots on goal though only one went in. My one disappointment was that Zigic didn’t play at all and I’m glad the club published an explanation of why he wasn’t in the squad.

Many in the crowd stayed to applaud the players and staff after the game. Rowett looked as pleased as Punch as he walked round but Zigic seemed sad to be saying goodbye. And it was good to see Fabbrini without his mask; I’d like to see him back next season but have no idea about the likelihood of that. The season may have ended well but it’s still Birmingham City so who knows what might happen next?

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  1. phillip

    Another photograph of Zigic that I have seen,,,,,taken after the ground was empty,,,,,,just him and his daughters,,,,,,,,alone with his memories of great times, walking towards the Tilton.

    The photograph can be seen on,,,,,,in the thread entitled “Who said He didnt ***** care ?

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