Jeff Hall’s widow

I was sorry to read the report that Jeff Hall’s widow is terminally ill but pleased that she has received an award from the British Polio Fellowship in recognition of the work she did to publicise the facts about the disease that killed him.  Jeff Hall was a great player for Birmingham City. His wife is a great lady who played an important role in the eradication of polio in this country.

Widow of Blues star Jeff Hall honoured for work to highlight disease which killed him

1 thought on “Jeff Hall’s widow

  1. Letsby Avenue

    At least two generations in the UK have not experienced the sheer evil of Polio.
    In my school there were two lads who contracted Polio, both under ten years old – and both some time before Jeff.
    Dawn is a wonderful person, brave and sincere, and I am so pleased that Blues still play a part in her life and help contribute to it.
    Many has been the time when we’ve had to force ourselves along the Kop to be able to read the Scoreboard for the Half-Times, and then go back to shelter under Jeff.

    Thank you for your blog – again.

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