It’s just a game

This seems like a good time to repeat something I’ve said before on this blog: “There are more important things in life than football”.  I believe that it’s good for managers, players and fans to be grounded in the world outside football, with family, friends and values that keep them from being crushed by what happens on the pitch.

I don’t think like that while I’m watching Birmingham City play. When I am at the game this afternoon, I will care desperately about what happens on the pitch. I hope the players care too, but not as desperately as I do. Desperate players tend to make mistakes.

If Blues lose and our relegation rivals win then it will feel like a disaster at first but it won’t be the end of the world. My faith is one of the things that keeps me going. This Easter, I’ve been encouraged by contemplating the journey from death to resurrection and from despair to joy. I don’t know what you value in life but I hope you have something besides football because, at present, the football is pretty grim for Blues fans.

4 thoughts on “It’s just a game

  1. Paul Hawkins

    Ive said before that players, managers, owners come and go but being a supporter is a lifelong commitment, we show our anger, frustration, joy and i hope for the last few games the players can do the same. Whatever happens at the seasons end ill still be a bluenose but i truly hope we are still in this division.
    I know its not gonna happen but come the new season i hope we have a n÷w manager in place who has the football know how to finally move our club forward. Zola is not the man for us and surely taking us from playoff contenders to relegation contenders should tell you that. The powers that be just dont seem to see that which also tells me that football is just a business to them.

  2. Grii

    Feel so sorry for the fans! You have to focus on other things in life other than Blues because we are down already. Burton will beat us today, Villa will enjoy playing their part in our demise and the wealthy little Italian will slip away in the night with a sack full of money whilst the club hurtles into oblivion..

  3. john

    Maybe if the players thought like this, they would relax and play better football. I believe Zola is passionate about football, but unfortunately doesn’t have the necessary skills, to be a football manager. Also, TTA ( and Pavlakis ) who have no knowledge of football, meant well when they employed him, but were wrongly advised. It would appear, they are too ashamed or too embarrassed to admit they made a mistake. They should remember the most important people at any football club are the fans, without whom, the club will not exist. So this afternoon, lets show them how important we are, by making ourselves heard. KRO

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