I hope that Birmingham can play well and get a result on Saturday but I wish we were not playing Bournemouth.  The last time we played a League game against them at St Andrew’s was on October 25, 2014, and it was the nightmare game that we lost 0-8. Unlike many others, I stayed until the end of that game and it left a mental scar that will probably remain as long as I live. 

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1 thought on “Hope

  1. WayCoolBlue

    It won’t be a drumming our defence is a lot better. But we will have to play MUCH Much better than than we did against Wycombe
    If we play like in the same Overly defence manner we will lose. As for AK I was hoping he would improve the way we attack as well that way we defend but IMO we are far too defensive with no now and it’s not just boring to watch it’s sole destroying. Even the games we have won we played badly and we have been Riding Luck since the start of the season. You cannot score a goal and then sit back on the one nil. For things to improve we need to attack more we need to score more than one goal. We have the players to do it we could be more attacking but I put that down to AK is far far far too conservative for my liking. KRO

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