I can sympathise with Brentford boss Thomas Frank, who said his team did ‘everything’ better than Birmingham City during their 1-0 defeat at Griffin Park. The stats back him up.  Brentford had 76% possession, 15 shots, 3 shots on target, 6 corners and hit the woodwork 3 times.  Birmingham had 1 shot and 2 corners. Birmingham won because their shot went into the goal and none of Brentford’s did. I just listened to the commentary on Radio WM and probably shouldn’t comment on the game, but I will. I think we were lucky.

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13 thoughts on “Hope

  1. mark

    yes we were lucky, so was man city against Liverpool in the charity shield. Its about moving forward ,and making sure we are improving all the time as a team. The players are still gelling, still getting to know each other, with their fighting spirit for each other, incoming players with a bit of fair. Hopefully this season will be upgrade on last season. As for Brentford FC who’s cares , and who’s give a f**k a win is a win great for Pep. kro

  2. Pods

    Yes I agree with the first comment. But it’s about time we had some luck. Additional players of quality need to be brought in by Thursdays deadline. KRO

  3. Alan Smith

    A win is a win and congratulations to the boys but on another day it could have been so different.Basically it could have been 3 or 4 by the break and only one attempt on goal by us,this is not looking good for future games.We are in desperate need of creativity and a proven goal scorer like Billy Sharp to implement the creativity.Great following of fans.KRO.

  4. Martin Sharp

    Yes we were lucky but this is a work in progress at only at the beginning. The fact we kept a clean sheet and came away with 3 points just shows the attitude of the players is there like last year. Things will get better football wise but also Brentford are one of the best teams at retaining the ball so that should also be taken into account when all bluenoses take this game in

  5. R Smith

    If Saturday is anything to go by we are in big trouble. The defence looked totally bemused, and we only managed one shot on goal all match. Monk’s “negative style” usually gave us an average of 10-12 attempts on goal per game so something is not right.
    The fact that we won should not hide the fact that we were a mess, and I know it is early days but there isn’t a lot to be over optimistic about on the basis of Saturday.

  6. Ijaz

    So much for possession based attacking football. We saw less of the football than when we were a low possession counter attacking team. What does need pointing out is that only one of our signings played in Crowley and the more capable ballers in Sunjic and Jake Clarke Salter weren’t on the pitch. A win is a win though we’ll take it. No point worrying about what could/should have happened. It didn’t. Move on to Pompey and Bristol City. Hopefully we’ll get a few bodies in before Thursday so the more twitchier fans can sit a bit easier.

  7. WayCoolBlue

    Correction due to predictive text sory.

    We have a team in transition the new players learning a new system. We also didn’t field a full strength team. Also our team is incomplete. Brentford looked better than us but I can think of things they didn’t do better than them.

    1 finishing
    2 Positioning
    3 Goalkeeping
    4 defending
    5 scoring

    So they did many things better but not everything better than us. Because if they did they would have finished their chances their goalkeeper would have saved peds amazing header, they would have been better positioned for the attempt at goal.

    So we have been unlucky for a long long time so it’s about time some luck
    Came in our Direction KRO..

  8. Reg

    For Goodness sake, we picked up the 3 points and there was an amount of luck involved! Last season we went something like 10 games in which we played great but couldn’t get a win.
    We haven’t gone out all “dongball” and we let them have all the possession. We have a positive goal difference and 3 points but yes it is just one game!

    Up The Blues

  9. Mark

    Anyone one got any news on puscas or the other striker we were after we need them after Saturday.

  10. tracey tyler

    Gone quiet on Puscas, hope we get him although I am not certain we will, got to think we will be better with Sonjic starting in place of Davis who is OK but a nothing player to me. Either we go with another goal scoring midfielder like Jared Bowen (wishful thinking) and stick with Jukes on his own or play two up front, would prefer one up front in this system that we are trying to play though, so quality goal scoring midfielder desperately needed

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