I was not among those who wanted Lee Clark sacked or thought that he was the only one to blame for Birmingham City’s position near the bottom of the Championship League table.  And I didn’t dance in the street when he was sacked.  I was afraid that even if there was a new manager effect and the team did better for a while, it might not last and this season could be one long, dismal relegation battle. It still could be; it’s too early to predict how well or how badly the team will do.

In general I try not to hope for too much because it hurts when hopes are dashed. But Gary Rowett has somehow got around my defences and awakened hope.  So I find myself hoping that we will win tomorrow instead of just hoping we won’t do too badly. Rowett seems to have stirred up the same kind of hope in the players and a belief that they can win games.  And belief is just as important as tactics and formation.

Tomorrow is Trevor Francis Day at St Andrew’s. I lived abroad when he played for Birmingham and when he was manager and never saw him play.  But I’ve seen the video clips and heard the stories. I am looking forward to seeing him and hope we get a good crowd.  It will be Colin Tattum’s first game as the club’s Head of Media and Communications and I hope it goes well for him too.

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  1. Jaffa

    I had hope straight after we played Watford.The way Rowett set the team up 4 4 2 .Players in there right position.Simple.Clarkes selections were disjointed and had no shape.

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