Here we go

Zigic with scarf

Some of us will be going to the game at St Andrew’s tonight and I’m probably not the only one wondering why I’m going. My coping mechanism that I mentioned in the previous post is being severely tested.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to look for the positives in each game. The moment a player puts on a Birmingham City kit, he feels like an adopted grandson so watching my team struggle isn’t nice.

So why do I keep going to games? Once again, I go back to a David Conn quote of something Brian Lomax said,

“I believe there are certain very important values in life and that football support embodies them. There is a sense of pilgrimage, of going to a sacred place; there is loyalty, sticking with something through good and bad times … It’s about emotion, about sharing and comradeship, about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. These are very deeply rooted human needs and I believe that that is at the root of people’s love for football and loyalty for their clubs.”

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  1. nicko

    keep the faith 3 points tonight and Saturday fans will be talking play offs again next season could be a turning point for Birmingham TTA will want to get us up so they can sell for a bigger profit KRO

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