Happy New Year?

If you want to get some idea of what to expect in 2015, my blog is the wrong place to look. I don’t understand a lot of what happened last year or know what this one will bring.  I’m not even going to speculate about Blyth Spartans’ chances of causing an upset when they play Birmingham City tomorrow. There should be plenty of others commenting on that game; I noticed an announcement on the Blyth Spartans site saying that the extended press area was full.

I do know what I’m hoping for. I want safety plus 10 points for Blues just in case our owners implode and the club ends up in administration. I’m not expecting we’ll need those extra points to counter a points deduction but it wouldn’t do any harm to have them.

For football and life in general, I’m hoping that the powerful won’t always win. A Guardian article gives examples of people who took on the powerful and won: cinema workers who got pay rises without job cuts and residents fighting rent increases. An election year provides opportunities for grassroots organisations.

In football, the power is concentrated at the top where the money is. League clubs lower down the pyramid are struggling financially. But there’s hope because there are fans who care about the long term future of their clubs and are willing to do something to help.

Hereford United was wound up because of tax debt. This saddened the supporters, of course, but many of them see it as an opportunity to set up “a properly run, community based phoenix club.”  The crisis has boosted the membership of Hereford United Supporters Trust to over a thousand and they, together with other Hereford supporters, are working on setting up the phoenix club, to be called Hereford FC. That’s going to take a lot of time and work and I wish them all the best in 2015.

Another phoenix club that‘s being set up will be managed by a Birmingham City old-boy. Salisbury City was placed in administration and thrown out of the Conference at the end of last season. Steve Claridge is part of the consortium that has arranged a takeover and he will manage the new club. I wish him well; he was one of my favourites at Blues.

Chris Hughton was another favourite and I wish him all the best in his new job at Brighton. Best wishes to my readers too. I hope 2015 will be a good year for you.