Happy Christmas?

Whether or not you have a happy Christmas depends on what you base your happiness. If it depends on Birmingham City doing well then it may be time you changed your allegiance to a more successful team. One thing I have learned in over 70 years of supporting the Blues is how to recover from defeats and not to base my feelings on football.  Though, I must admit that recovering from the defeat by Middlesbrough took longer than usual.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Christmas?

  1. David Jones

    I will be 70 next year and also a lifelong Blues supporter. I don’t think that I could ever change alligance but there have been times when it’s tempting. I had my wonderful day at Wembley with my son in 2011 and I will always treasure that.
    Does supporting a club like Blues make you stronger, I don’t know but it won’t be nice to be able to look forward sometimes and not back.
    Happy Christmas blues fans and stai safe.

  2. Sausage n Egg

    If Blues Are shit …. Life is shit… But they are my shit… And it’s how I choose to live my shit life

  3. Peter Bates

    My club change allegiance never gonna happen merry Xmas to all the blue noses and to all at the club hopeful of a happy new year kro

  4. Big Des

    Only ever met one supposed Blues fan who changed allegiance. Once a Blue always a Blue. It is sometimes more Sorrows than Joys but we live for the high’s, for the home grown players -the Bellingham, Redmond, Gray, Trevor Francis etc. A good cup run and the occasional promotion we don’ t ask for much, we don’t expect much. Just 100% effort an occasional flash of class another 2011 success would be wonderful.

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