Happy Christmas

Birmingham City fans wanted a home win before Christmas and we got one. It was a pity that the big screen was blank so I couldn’t get a picture of the 1-0 score. My happiness with the result was not significantly diminished when I discovered, after the game, that the penalty shouldn’t have been awarded. That’s football; one incident can change a game. It is what makes it so delightfully unpredictable.

Even the Premier League is unpredictable this season. Leicester City, the team that was bottom last Christmas, is top this year. Their manager has described them as “a team with a great spirit”. It seems that money may not be the only factor in determining the top four places.

I believe that the dominance of the Premier League is unsustainable but I think my reasons for believing that could be wrong. I had thought that it would be greed and technology that would lead to the collapse. The greed of those at the top has pushed up ticket prices to astronomical amounts that ordinary fans can’t afford. They are pricing the passion out of the game and it’s the passionate atmosphere that helps to sell it to a wide TV audience. Advances in technology have made it easier for people to watch live streaming of games for free. So there should be a decline in the huge profits from football on TV. Now I am wondering if other things may lead to change in the Premier League. Football is a team game and one that requires heart as well as ability. The big clubs can identify talent and develop it in their academies but maybe they don’t do so well at fostering team spirit. Throwing money at young men may not be the best way to develop their characters.

Life is unpredictable too. I knew that moving would probably make it harder to find time to post anything on this blog. I didn’t know that my laptop was going to die and make it even harder. Apologies for the silence; I hope to do better next year. I also hope you have a happy Christmas.

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  1. Darren

    Bit of an update,sky are saying penalty was given for a foul and not hand ball which looked a fair call to me

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