Half full or half empty?

How do you feel about Birmingham City at the moment?  Are you happy that we’ve got a new manager and 5 points from the last 3 games?  If the team does ok on the pitch, do you care who owns the club? On my About-this-website page I have a picture that indicates my feelings about my club. At present I’m displaying this wintry scene showing a lone figure trudging along in the snow.

snowy path

I considered changing it to a more cheerful picture but decided to keep it as it is. I am very happy about the start that Gary Rowett has made but I’m still deeply concerned about the long term future of my club. The news and rumours from Hong Kong seem to suggest that our present owners want to retain ownership of the club until Carson Yeung’s appeals have been heard. There seems to be a good chance that his conviction will be overturned and he’ll be back in about two years’ time.  By then we might be in a lower tier of the Football League and have sold more young players.  And another manager might have got discouraged by the lack of investment and moved on to another club.  I hope not but I continue to fear the worst.

2 thoughts on “Half full or half empty?

  1. Da Zulu

    We need to try to forget off field problems because imho this lot aren`t going any time soon. Sadly they are far more concerned with the HKSE listing and their own personal wealth rather than the good of the club. Trust me if it becomes a choice between their own interests and those of The Blues there`s only 1 winner and it ain`t us. If we`re not going to take some positive action en masse then we have to accept our lot and what will be will be. Bottom line is that by going to games and buying merchandise we are helping them hang around.

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