Grounds for concern for Coventry City

Coventry City FC is in a worse mess than Birmingham City FC and I feel sorry for their fans. I’ve been trying to find out how they got into this mess and it seems that they went by a similar route to the one that BCFC took to get into our mess.  In an article written after their relegation from the Championship at the end of last season, David Conn wrote  that the reason for the crisis was  due to “a legacy of overspending on players to stay in the Premier League, just as wages were becoming galactic, and debts run up after relegation.”   Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

On top of that there was the fiasco of moving to the Ricoh.  I don’t understand why they moved from Highfield Road; they had already been relegated from the Premiership, were in debt and couldn’t afford to build a new stadium or even buy a half share in it.  I also don’t understand all the manoeuvrings that are going on now between the stadium owners, ACL, and the club’s owners, Sisu.  All the reports I’ve read agree that it is a complex situation.

The only thing I am certain of is that my sympathy lies with the fans and that I’d like to see Coventry come back up. I’d much rather we play them in the Championship than we follow them down to League 1.

P.S.  For anyone who does want to understand more I’d suggest you read the article on Twohundredpercent