Good win

Hull 1Birmingham City won last night with a little help from the woodwork. They also had some help from the rain according to one headline I saw that said “Rain thwarts City fightback.” I thought that it rained on both teams but have to admit that the last 10 minutes of the game felt more like 20 minutes.

The official attendance was 18,105.  The number actually inside the ground was fewer than that because the official figure is the number who paid for a ticket and that includes season tickets holders who, for various reasons, didn’t get to the game. But it was a respectable attendance for a televised game on a Thursday evening; the discounted ticket prices probably helped. It was also a supportive crowd with the home fans generally making more noise than the valient group of about 500 away fans who had travelled to support their team.

It wasn’t only the team that was working last night. The pedestrian crossings on the roads round the roundabout were in operation.  That made it so much easier to cross those roads on a dark, wet night, which I appreciate because I was once knocked down by a car on rainy night.That happened over 50 years ago but left me fearful. Many years of watching the Blues have also left me fearful but last night’s game will be a good memory not a bad one.