Good and bad news from Birmingham City FC

The good news is that Keith Fahey played 90 minutes in a development squad game this afternoon.  Any player returning to action after a long absence is good news and Fahey has always been one of my favourites.  I do have a tendency to overestimate the skills of players that the boo-boys denigrate so my regard for him may be due to the fact that some sections of the crowd used to treat him as their scapegoat.  Yes, some of his passes went astray but that’s true of all our players.  I felt that he usually did try to pass the ball rather just boot it away.

The bad news is that King is out for at least the rest of the season following knee surgery. We are going to miss his ability to hold the ball up and put it in the net when given a chance.  He was also a pretty reliable penalty taker so I never felt tempted to cover my eyes when he took one.  He was our top scorer last season and is top this season too. King could still be top at the end of the season; he is on 14 goals and our next highest scorer, Zigic, has only half that number.  As it says in the song: joys and sorrows too.