Going round in circles

Life is like the outer circle bus route; you wait ages for a number 11 to come and then three come along in convoy.  With buses you can just get on one of them but you can’t do that in life when several different things are demanding your attention. You just have to hop from one activity to another and can end up going in circles.

I’ll be moving to a new home when construction is completed in November and have been making arrangements for that. I now have a buyer for my current home, who wants to move in as soon as possible. So I’ve been finding temporary accommodation, sorting and putting stuff in boxes. On top of all that I am doing more for Blues Trust (read A Time of Change and A fresh start for Blues Trust if you want the details.) It has been a busy week.

So that’s my excuse for not writing much about Birmingham City. I will, however, give you a link to something that made me smile, some David Squires football cartoons.

1 thought on “Going round in circles

  1. phillip

    Your life indeed is a “Long Long Road”,,,,,,with those itchy feet, always moving on,,,,,may you enjoy your new home for many years to come

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