I’m glad there’s a game to go to this evening.  Watching a game is usually better than reading online articles that regurgitate what others have already written about what a mess the club is in and a possible 12-point deduction. Even watching our last home game against QPR, which was not very good, was better than reading some of the rubbish that gets circulated on social media.

I’m also glad we are playing WBA. They are local rivals so there is usually a good atmosphere and it lacks real animosity, which I prefer to seeing fans consumed by hate. Of course I want Blues to win when we are playing against them but at other times I quite like the Baggies. We lost the last game we played against them, in the FA Cup in January 2015, but I can remember enjoying the atmosphere on that occasion.

I’m not expecting us to win, but I never expect a win. Blues often do well against better teams and so I’m expecting a decent performance from them and would be satisfied with a creditable draw and delighted if we won. Fortress St Andrew’s here I come.