Francis, Friday, Fulham

It was a nice to have a good news story coming from St Andrew’s, Trevor Francis’ award of a star on the Broad Street Walk of Stars.  I’m sorry to say that I never saw him play.  I was living abroad during the time he played for Birmingham City and also for the years that he was manager. So my respect for him is just based on his reputation and some video highlights. The announcement about the star was made by Jasper Carrott. He also spoke about his feelings about the state of the club, “Just when you think there is light at the end of the tunnel, it’s a train coming in the opposite direction.”  All too true, I’m afraid.

It’s Friday so it is time to think about the weekend and the game on Saturday.  I think Fulham’s dismal form means absolutely nothing. As I mentioned in my last post, Felix Magath, their manager has been sacked and as the Metro put it, “The torment of the last few months is over.”  The players might need more time to recover from what he did to the team or they might be so relieved he has gone that they play well and get their first win in the league this season. And who knows how the Blues team will play?  One incident could inspire or deflate either set of players so, as usual, it’s hard to predict whether we are going to see a Blues win, a loss or yet another draw.

I’ve had a go at updating my cheat sheet and added Josh Martin, Koby Arthur and Amari’i Bell onto the list.  Reece Brown has also returned early from his loan due to injury according to the Nottingham Post but I haven’t seen mention of that on the official site yet.