Football after Covid-19

While nothing much is happening with Birmingham City, I have been reading some discussions on how football should change after Covid-19. An article by Mark Palios, the chairman of Tranmere Rovers, said, “The professional game cannot survive without fundamental reform in respect of its major cost: player wages.” Darragh MacAnthony, the owner of Peterborough, suggested factoring that would allow money due for the Sky TV rights to be paid to clubs earlier in exchange for paying a penalty. Parachute payments have also been mentioned. Over half of the money that the Premier League gave to the English Football League (EFL), £260m out of £400m,  went to the nine clubs that were relegated in the previous three years.  

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1 thought on “Football after Covid-19

  1. Russell Dempsey

    If money were shared equally, relegation wouldn’t be to the detriment of any club, but the slide is almost exponential. A scale should be put in place. Even if it’s Premier gets double the Championship cash and can pay double the salary, Championship double League One and so on. It could all be equated with a formula dependent upon how much sponsors were willing to pay. Teams like Wolves should be the driving force, knowing Prem teams can see themselves in League One very quickly so hoarding all the cash isn’t just selfish it’s also dangerous and could result in more teams going bust.

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