Final game

In my last post, before the game with Cardiff, I wrote that I would “not mind if Lee Bowyer experiments with the team and we lose”.  He did experiment, we did lose, and I did mind. But I still think it was the right thing to do.  Before the game with Blackburn, I thought that it was ok for him to experiment again but realised that I would mind if we lost. Before the game Bowyer talked about resting players and his team selection made it clear that the team was experimental. That helped me feel prepared though it felt strange that Bowyer was not there.  I hope that whatever family business kept him away was not too bad and that it ends well.

I felt cheered when Birmingham scored a goal although it was disappointing to only keep the lead for three minutes and to be 2-1 down at half time.  It helped when Jutkiewicz equalised early in the second half, but it was downhill from there as Blackburn scored another three. But I felt better about the game than I felt about our loss to Cardiff.  I think that was because we scored two goals and it did not feel like a team of kids being overwhelmed by professionals.

Now the season is over and the players and us supporters have some time to recover and get ready for next season.  I’m hoping that by then we will be able to go to some games.

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