Fear and hope

When I go to watch Birmingham City play, I always go with a mixture of fear and hope. Today there may be more fear than hope. Birmingham City’s 5-0 defeat on Tuesday has made it harder for me to look on the bright side. 

That defeat must also have dented the players’ confidence, which has seemed very fragile this season. They have been accused of not caring but, to me, some of them have looked scared rather than unconcerned. They are human and subject to all the emotions the rest of us feel.

David Weatherston, a former St Johnstone striker, has recently  admitted his problems with anxiety and nerves.  He said, “The worst thing about it is that it becomes a never-ending downward spiral. I lacked confidence and doubted myself and that made me play worse, which made me doubt myself more.”  I don’t know if any Birmingham City players suffer from that kind of anxiety but there might be somebody on the pitch today feeling like that.

I need to remind myself that the owners of the club are human too. The lack of communication makes it seem that they are uncaring. As a member of Blues Trust board, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and talking about the best way to get them to talk to fans and also listen to us. You can read our statement on the Blues Trust website.

And now I need to stop writing and start getting out the thermal underwear, ready to go to the game.

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