Exceeding expectations

How fans react to the result of a game depends a lot on their expectations before it. I don’t think I was the only Birmingham City fan who felt fearful before our game with Swansea and that helped me to feel satisfied with the goalless draw.  We played better, created more chances and should have won but we just couldn’t score. But it was the most entertaining goalless draw I’ve seen.  

If Blues fans have looked at the League table, they shouldn’t have high expectations of a good result this evening. Blues are 18th and Bolton are 7th. Blues have scored 2 goals and have 2 points; Bolton have scored 5 goals and have 7 points. But there is always hope. Last Friday, the Blues team exceeded my expectations and prevented Swansea from getting a shot on target. I hope that they exceed expectations again this evening. A win would be great, but I’d be satisfied with a good performance and the same level of commitment that they showed on Friday.

We all have our own way of coping with the tribulations of supporting our team. I do it by trying to keep my expectations realistic, by looking for the positives in each game and reminding myself that it is just a game.

2 thoughts on “Exceeding expectations

  1. Russell Dempsey

    I’m with you. Wembley totally epitomised it. Would Arsenal have enjoyed the win as much as we did? Not a chance! Would we have emptied the stadium as quickly as they did, had we lost? No way!

    Bolton away has some fond memories for us Blues fans. Let’s have some more!

  2. daVe Stirchley KRO

    I agree with you and Russell totally,

    Swansea ref was a total ….No No…. we
    could have had a few goals without him,
    i had a lift to the game with a ref (has done
    Blues ladies v Vile ladies in the past) will ask
    him when i see him what he thought ??

    I am very confident we will get a result tonight
    but like you say we are getting there !!!!

    Fulham game 29% Norwich 29% Swansea 35%
    you can tell we are getting better as the amount
    of play we got in these 3 games.

    Roll on 50% of the game.

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