QPR crushBirmingham City’s performance at QPR was definitely not embarrassing.  See the club’s YouTube channel for a good summary by Paul Tait.1 Our support was not embarrassing either; we had about 1700 there, crammed into the upper tier of the School End.  And I do mean crammed; leg room between seats was limited and at half time it was almost impossible to move in the narrow corridor that serves as a concourse area. The photo on the right shows how crowded it was.

I was embarrassed and saddened by the smoke bomb and seat back thrown onto the pitch by our fans. I can understand their frustration at the financial mess the club is in but I think it’s stupid to do anything that gets the game stopped or wrecks a stadium. If you know of anyone who thinks that smoke bombs are a good idea at football games, get him to read the Football Supporters’ Federation Fact Sheet on smoke bombs and flares.2 Fans have been sentenced to prison for just carrying a smoke bomb without actually letting it off.

Once again I was left feeling that fans need a non violent way to express their outrage even if it doesn’t make a bit of difference to what happens in Hong Kong. So I’m going to go ahead with the scarf project.  I’ll be using Option C with the stripes (shown in previous post) since that received the most votes in the poll.  I’m not planning to add any more words or to do anything fancy. I do have other things to do and this project is taking up most of my free time.

I will also be going for cheap rather than quality. Cheap seems appropriate for our club at the moment and reduces the amount of money I need to spend. This project could end up as a very embarrassing way to waste a lot of money but I think it’s worth the risk. Also, anyone who fears embarrassment probably shouldn’t support Birmingham City.

  1. The Verdict QPR 1-0 Blues (by Paul Tait)
  2. Football Fans, Smoke Bombs and Flares – Fact Sheet

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  1. sappy sad

    ……….we were as good as Q.P.R. if not better ……..we seem back to Jerome times again,but I feel once we break the mythe some club is going to be on the end of a hiding….keep it up blues proud of ya

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