Elated and exhausted

It has been nearly a week since Birmingham City ended their season with a memorable win against Fulham. It was an incredible game, with a full St Andrew’s providing loud support from before kick off to the post-game players parade around the pitch.  It was absolutely wonderful and I felt elated.

But I also felt exhausted, worn out by the rollercoaster emotions generated by an end-of-season escape from relegation. I agree with Garry Monk’s comments after the game, “That’s not what you come into football for and it’s not what I’m here for and it’s not what players should be here for, to be fighting relegations. But, the Club has been in that situation too often – three in the last five years.”

Like the players, I need time to rest and relax. I don’t intend to comment on transfer rumours or speculation on the design of next season’s kit.  Here are a few pictures before I take a break.

4 thoughts on “Elated and exhausted

  1. RUSS

    I disagree slightly. If we knew we’d survive in advance you’d take the rollercoaster of just surviving over the turgid ‘stability of 19th place’ every season. It was fun. ..in retrospect. Football is about drama. Without promotion and relegation there IS no drama. True to say I didn’t want us relegated and would rather our drama were at the top end of the table or – if not – at the bottom end of the to division ; but overall the season ended wonderfully. Didn’t it? 😉 Rather Blues fan than Barnsley, Burton or Sunderland right now. If Monk means to say we should make sure Blues are set up to be challenging for promotion next season instead of gearing up for a fourth fight against the drop in six years them I’m in full agreement.

    Thanks for the photos. It IS a long long road. Bit without the sorrows there would BE no joys!


    1. Puddleglum Post author

      Thanks for the comment. By the beginning of next season I expect I will feel ready for the rollercoaster again but now I just feel tired. I’m hoping for promotion push or safe mid table next season.

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