Easily pleased

From comments I have heard and read about Wednesday’s game, it seems I am too easily pleased.  All the other fans’ assessments ranged from not very entertaining to abysmal. So why did I quite enjoy it?  I can think of several reasons.

First, I don’t know much about football. I can tell whether a team is playing well or badly but usually can’t analyse why. I don’t have Sky TV or BT sport and don’t hear what the pundits have to say. And because I don’t see the top teams in action, I don’t know by how much Championship teams fall short of their standard.

Second, I like seeing Birmingham City win. I don’t expect a dazzling display and am content with some good moves and some effort. The goal was good and Randolph made some good saves.  And there was effort including plenty from Donaldson; he worked hard, often with a Blackpool player holding onto him.

I also like some of the incidental things. I’m not sure why, but I do like vanishing spray. And Cotterill added a little fun when he rubbed it out with his foot and stepped forward. I enjoyed chatting to some friends and a few strangers too. It would also have been nice to say hello to the away fans. Respect to the few that came to watch their bottom-of-the-league team at St Andrew’s: I counted about one hundred and seventy.

The three points earned got us to a total of forty-five, one more than the whole of last season. We have won seven games at home so far, five more than last season.  The rest of you can focus on what goes wrong; I will enjoy what goes right.