Mind the gap

Don’t mind the gap

I’m not writing about the 1-point gap between us and a nearby team but about the financial gap between teams. According to the transfermarkt website, Stoke fielded the Championship team that cost the most on the opening day of this season and Birmingham City were 16th in that table. But, as Johan Cruyff said, “Why couldn’t you beat a richer club. I’ve never seen a bag of money score a goal.”

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3 thoughts on “Don’t mind the gap

  1. Mick Orton

    It is not rocket science – create a collective way of working where you are all in it together, working for each other and covering each others mistakes and weaknesses, supporting each other through thick and thin and, gosh, the team are successful ! Likewise, widen the players focus beyond their own narrow lives by getting them involved in the local community, helping out people in difficult situations and, hey ho, the fans feel a real connection. I have been a bluenose all my life but have never been so proud as I am now, not because we are doing fairly well, but because of the way we are going about it. It would be nice if the wider community could learn lessons from this. Look around you, support each other, help people and be nice to each other.

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