Don’t delay – jump on a bandwagon!

When you say that someone has jumped on the bandwagon it often has a negative connotation, implying that he has adopted something just because it’s popular and not because he really agrees with it.  However, it may be the only way that Birmingham City fans will ever get together to show how they feel about the current state of our club.    

There are so many different fans’ groups with so many different opinions that it is unlikely they’ll get together and decide on an action plan. An alternative approach would be for some fans to try out forms of protest and let others join in with them if they want. I hope that some form of peaceful protest will be acceptable to a significant number of supporters and that they will jump on the bandwagon. Wouldn’t it be great to get to a point where ‘Blues fans united’ is not an oxymoron.

My idea in getting the ‘All we care about is BCFC’ scarves1 made was to test out one idea for a protest. They seemed to strike a chord with some fans and sold well. I don’t think that the fans who bought them believed that they could force the sale of our club; they just wanted to show how they felt. Right from the start I was hoping that someone else would take over the responsibility for getting scarves made if more were needed and I’m delighted that someone has done this.  The original batch almost sold out, some more have been made and will be on sale around the ground before games.

Daniel Ivery has made another suggestion for a tagline for a protest: “Delay no more”.  You will need to read his post2 to understand the implications of that. He isn’t planning to organise a protest himself; he’s just offering an idea to anyone willing to take it up.

I’ve added my ideas below for posters/banners with this tagline, one in the traditional blue,  one in the German flag kit colours and also one with ‘All we care about ..’. I hope some more people will get involved in organising something. In tough times we need to stick together. Let’s share our ideas and be ready to jump on any good bandwagons that come along.

  1. AWCA scarf      Explanation of what the scarves are about.
  2. Postcards from HK: Delay No More    Daniel interviewed by Chinese newspaper

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