Do we want Birmingham City back in the Premier League?

When I came back to live in England in 2008 I would have considered “Yes!” to be  the only possible answer to the question above. I was gutted because I’d been living abroad the whole time Blues were in the Premiership and hadn’t seen them play in the top tier since 1982.

Now, I find myself nodding in agreement with many of the points Chris made in his comments on my last post. The Premier League is great for watching talented players with the skill and vision to make incredible plays. But I agree with Chris that it’s not good to have a league in which the main aim of most of the teams is to avoid relegation. Watching your team just surviving is not very entertaining.

The Premier League has succeeded is making a lot of money for some people with very little trickling down to the lower tiers and grassroots football.  The system for sharing out TV money was designed to keep the top teams at the top and that’s what it has done.  Only a few teams have a chance of coming top of the Premier League.

And as competitiveness has been destroyed, so has hope.  In the past, however unlikely it was, fans could hope that their team would one day rise to the top of the top tier. In modern football that hope has died for fans of most clubs, even the most hopelessly optimistic ones.

The quote of the day is on Often Partisan*, where it quotes Thongs’ comment:

Just give me hope, without it football is futile.

Chris’s comment on last post: Money can’t buy atmosphere
Is it me and the fact that either i’m getting bored with the whole greedy, overpaid average footballer in the premier or the actual football played is boring, negative, ten men behind the ball, tippy tappy no end product football.
Look at England last night and it typifies the prem.
Slow build up making sure to retain possession that leads to no punch up front or decent tip tap, one two’s and movement off the ball but still nothing in the final third. So little excitement, loads of frustration and no shots in the box.
How many shots did the German keeper need to save similar to the certain goals that Hart saved on at least 4 occasions.
A prem built on a remit of 12 teams out of 20 just happy to stay up, isn’t the way to build a future based on a strong, skilfull, entertainment business, instead it’s built on fear, debt, greed and only today counts mentallity.
It attracts the wrong owners, the wrong directors, the wrong players and even the wrong fans all based on selfishness, no morals, glory hunting and money.
It’s a celeb version of the Banking Industry.
Sick of it!

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4 thoughts on “Do we want Birmingham City back in the Premier League?

  1. frankden

    for most teams going up to the prem is like moving into a house knowing full well that sooner rather then latter your going to beevicted for none paymennt of rent i dont want no part of it ever again kro

  2. Christopher hart

    But it doesn’t have to be all bad….. Look at 09-10 season under Mcleish a 9th place finish and that massive unbeaten run. That season what we lacked in ability we gained it in desire and work ethic. Nothing ever will beat that 09-10 season because we could compete with some of the big boys in the league. I want premiership football for many reasons, better attendances, better atmosphere in the ground, more money going into the club, the second city derby back and the chance to play the big boys! and I know people would say “why do you want to play the big boys well get beat” but in the 09-10 season Manchester untied, arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, spurs and man city all came to St. Andrews and got nothing I loved those days were we could hold big teams to draws, maybe beat them and see them get frustrated was pleasing to watch and I loved it. The premiership is the best league in the world imo and i don’t get why blues fans would rather be in the championship than the premiership

  3. John

    The fact is, for the next 20 odd years,there is probably only 5 or 6 teams that have any chance of winning the premiership. This is because those 5 or 6 teams ( Arsenal/Man U/Man City/Chelsea/Liverpool and maybe Spurs ) are so far ahead of all the rest,financially. So the vast majority of teams,are never going to win the premiership. Most supporters just want to see their team win games,especially at home. Look at Wolves,they are now winning games,in the first division,but they get bigger gates than Blues. If Blues were relegated and by the following Christmas were top of the 1st. division, i guarantee , St.Andrews would be almost full, most weeks.

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