Disappointed but not despondent

Clark at BrentfordI have never played football in my life and know less about the game than Lee Clark does. This doesn’t stop me having opinions, of course, but it does stop me yelling abuse at either players or manager. It was very disappointing to draw at Brentford against 10 men but I was also disappointed with the abuse Lee Clark got from some fans as he walked across the pitch after the game. Birmingham City missed chances to add to their score when they were on top during the first half but that’s to be expected from our players.  All players miss chances and make mistakes. The really good players just miss fewer chances and don’t make so many mistakes. We can’t afford really good players.

We also can’t afford or attract the most brilliant manager. The one we have is passionate, doing his best and, I hope, learning from experience.  So I’ll support him in the same way that I support any player who puts on the shirt.

It wasn’t a bad day out. I got a seat on the train both ways despite the crammed train going and signalling problems delaying loads of trains going back. I visited a ground I’d never seen before and which won’t be around much longer as Brentford is planning to move to a new stadium. Their fans were friendly; home and away fans drank together in the same pubs. I had a good seat and I enjoyed the first half of the game. I would have gone home happier if we had won but I wasn’t too despondent.