Demolition and rebuilding

Demolition of libraryEverywhere I look, there’s someone doing a demolition job. Iceland demolished England last week; this week members of the Conservative and Labour parties seem to be trying to demolish their own parties.  And Birmingham is demolishing chunks of its city centre once again.  It’s taking a long time to knock the old library down; it is putting up more resistance than the England team did against Iceland. I agree with David Conn that “We get the England football team we deserve”.

In contrast, the news of Birmingham City has been more positive. The new Adidas kit went on sale in June and has sold well. We have made two signings, Robert Tesche and Ryan Shotten, both players who made a good impression when they were on loan to Blues.  The players have reported back, had their fitness tested and are due to train on grass today. Work has started on rebuilding a stronger, better team for the new season. I’m looking forward to it.