Darkest day

The solstice, when the sun reaches its southern-most position, is at 4:28 pm. In the Northern Hemisphere, today will be the shortest and therefore the darkest day . From tomorrow, the days will start getting longer. Unfortunately, we don’t know if we have also reached Birmingham City’s darkest day and whether things will start to get a little bit brighter from now on.  The defeat by QPR on Saturday felt terrible because my hopes had been raised and it hurts when hopes are shattered.

I don’t claim to understand all the reasons why the Blues have sunk to the bottom of the Championship. But I can see players whose confidence is low and it doesn’t help that fans have lost confidence too. It’s a vicious circle. The players lack confidence and play badly, which irritates the fans and makes it hard for them to support the team; some fans boo and the players’ confidence sinks to even lower levels. I think Brian Dick was right when he said that the “supporters deserve an assist for Gallagher’s goal.” The noise level went up following the applause for Mark ‘Squid’ Carter; that lifted the team and they scored a goal.  The players seemed to have more belief and for a time it seemed possible that we might got on to win.  So QPR’s goal on the 83rd minute was sickening.

On the way home I felt gutted but don’t feel so bad now.  I remember how good Colin looked in his first game back and how he linked up with Jota and how it felt when we scored a goal and our team was attacking.  There was enough to encourage me to believe that the players might be able to do better and that relegation is not inevitable.  I don’t think that Steve Cotterill is the best manager but neither is he the worst. He didn’t cause our present problems and sacking him wouldn’t solve them all. I’m hoping that he can help us stay in the Championship this season.

4 thoughts on “Darkest day

  1. Martin Wright

    I think getting rid of Cotterill would solve a lot of problems , there are some unemployed Managers out there that would suit us down to the ground , if they could be convinced to come would be another matter, at the moment I just see us sliding into a pit of despair with crowds of 20,000 to watch . It reminds me of the 0-8 defeat by Bournmouth it was so bad but you just had to watch till the end.

  2. John

    I was reading that Bristol City had lost about 15 out of 19 games including a record 10 losses on the trot, before they turned it round and the same manager has now got them into the top six.

  3. Gary Thompson

    How is it most teams bring in new managers and they change the style of play and get rewards,yet we have had 3 on the bounce with new blood bought in and it has to be some of the worst displays I’ve seen.
    Should we get rid of SC ? It’s difficult but should we trust him on his current form as a manager when the window opens.
    Think the window is our only chance of survival,but they need to spend and not go in with laughable offers like the start of the season and then end up with some second best players

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