Dane Brekken Shea

I don’t know if Brek Shea is likely to be a good signing from a football perspective but I like his hair. My old eyes have a hard time distinguishing between players at a distance so I welcome the signing of a tall blond who should be easily recognisable. It’s also nice to have another player with international experience. He hasn’t played in the USA senior team very often but I think any experience with them is a plus.  I was impressed by the attitude and performance of their players in the World Cup.

I would imagine that copywriters will welcome him because of his name.  At first I thought that Brek was an odd name but it didn’t sound so bad once I realised that his full name is actually Dane Brekken Shea.  From what I’ve read he sounds like an interesting character and I’m looking forward to seeing him play for Birmingham City.  If you’re interested in his background I’d recommend you read a 2012 article from the Dallas Observer.

One of these days I will update my cheat sheet and put Shea in the number 13 slot but it won’t be today.  I’m still busy and don’t have much time to spend on this blog.