Cyrille Regis

I was shocked to hear of the sudden death of Cyrille Regis. He was a great footballer and gentleman.  I met him once at a meeting and it was an honour to shake his hand.  He was subjected to racist abuse as a player but didn’t become bitter. Before his debut for England, someone sent him a bullet with the message, “If you put your foot on our Wembley turf you’ll get one of these through your knees.” Read his autobiography if you want the full story. It’s an honest account of mistakes made, relationships broken and his faith that helped him change.

I’d spent the weekend feeling rather miserable because Birmingham City had lost.  The news about Cyrille Regis put that into perspective. Losing a game is a misfortune, not a tragedy. Losing Cyrille Regis is a great loss. He was a legend who was a source of inspiration for many people.  My sympathy to his family and friends.


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  1. S

    Cyril Regis,

    a BIG MAN in the world of sports.

    Defiantly a NATIONAL HERO for me.

    He’s made it possible so my three boys can strive to ful-joy this often cruel sport.

    Condolences to the family, a huge loss to us all…

    The Hall Family

  2. Prewarblue

    A great loss for all that remember him as a Gentleman and Player,,,,,,another loss from those days is Tommy Lawrence, The Liverpool keeper,,,, must say my abiding memory of “Tommy” is not of a “League or Cup” game,,,,,,,but “Mal Beard”,s testimonial,,,,,”Tommy” playing in goal for an “International Invitational IX” against the Blues,,,,,,halfway through the game “Tommy” swopping places with “Ernie Hunt” of Coventry,,,,,,Ernie being about 5ft 6 and “Tommy” being shall we say a lot larger in all directions playing as a “Flying” [?] Winger !, Fred Pickering as the “International” c/f, everbody [except Mal !] determined he was going to score, the ref awarding a penalty to Blues after he was pushed over by Ernie and falling over another player tying his boot lace up,,,,,NOBODY in Blues team would take it, forcing Mal to take it,,,, Ernie then started talking to the crowd at the old “Railway End”as soon as he saw Mal make a move to take it,,,,,,to give you some idea of how seriously the game was taken by both teams the final score was 12-8 to Blues [the only ones who took it semi seriously were “Jim Herriot” who was determined “Fred Pickering” would NOT score against him, and Fred just as determined he would !]

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