The title is not a spelling mistake; I’m going to write about more than one crisis, the first being the situation at Leeds United1.  The present owners agreed a deal to sell 75% of the club to Massimo Cellino but the Football League blocked it, because of his conviction by an Italian court.  Cellino had been supplying some of the running costs for the club but stopped after the sale was prevented.  So now the club can’t afford to pay the bills and players have agreed to defer part of their wages for March. I don’t know all the facts but believe that the Football League was right to stop Cellino’s purchase of Leeds even though that has resulted in turmoil for the club. In the long run, it could turn out for the best if Leeds is taken over by some more suitable owners. 

Another crisis in the news has been the one in grassroots football2. Poor pitches with inadequate drainage were unplayable in the wet weather this year, with some leagues having to cancel over seven weeks of fixtures. Fewer and fewer people are playing football for fun; the game is dying in the country of its birth.

Also in the news was Birmingham City’s attempt to overcome their home form crisis by training at St Andrew’s3.  Hope it works.

  1. Brian McDermott and Leeds players miss half their wages as crisis grows
  2. Grassroots football in crisis due to bad weather and poor facilities
  3. Training at St Andrew’s

2 thoughts on “Crises

  1. Steve

    What about the crisis at the Blues? Tom Ross is certain we are in crisis and worse is yet to come, but since the confirmation of Carson’s fate there seems to be an acceptance that the club is in tick over mode and although going nowhere fast, at least we are not heading for admin. We lost a deal which would have provided financial sustenance. We have a new board which I doubt most have ever ventured into Birmingham and the prospect of renewed communications as promised by Mr Pannu have failed to materialise. In fact we haven’t heard diddly from our new chairman Mr (What’s his name again?). So the average Bluenose doesn’t have a clue. Are we on the verge of being sold to a white knight with a prosperous new future, or are we on the verge of financial disaster? God only knows!

  2. John

    The main reason most bluenoses don’t care who the club is sold to , as long as it is sold, is to get us out of the hands of the people who own the club now. They clearly, have not the slightest interest in the club apart from hoping that they can gain some income from it. Tom Ross has stated that someone offered £15 million for the club, but did not even receive a reply. The club is probably only worth that amount at the moment and with the playing staff we have and are likely to have next season, that value will fall. We will, with luck avoid relegation, but will struggle again next season. If they still own the club at the start of next season, quite a lot of people will not renew their season tickets, in case the money gets into the wrong hands.

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