Congratulations to Cambridge United

Cambridge’s win at Wembley on Sunday secured their return to the Football League after nine years in the Conference. And I’m sure that win meant as much, if not more, to the Cambridge players and their supporters as Arsenal’s win there the previous day had meant to them.  

My only memory of playing Cambridge comes from April 1995 and that game only lodged itself in my mind because it was my worst ever away game experience. I went on one of the official coaches, which left St Andrews at an unearthly time in the morning (7.30?) and took forever to get there. Birmingham City were up at the top end of the table and Cambridge were near the bottom so, of course, we lost.

I made the mistake of not finding a place on the terrace until just before kickoff and the only space I could find was right at the front standing in a sort of ditch with the players knees at my eye level. So I had a rotten view of a miserable game and the only bright spot I can remember is when our fans gave a rather good rendition of “My garden shed is bigger than this …”

Even though I don’t want to visit that ground again I’d like to congratulate Cambridge on getting back into the Football League and wish them all the best. Having spent a season looking down at where my club might end up, I feel a bit more empathy for the clubs inhabiting the nether regions of the League.

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  1. CUFC fan

    If you ever revisit the Abbey, maybe for a League Cup fixture, frig – that’s sounds good to be able to say that again, there is a nice new seating stand for away fans. No standing in ditches now, just a great view. You will be welcome, and thanks for your congratulations. Nine years away was a bloody long time!

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