Coaching Fair Play

A Telegraph article about the Coaching Fair Play plan caught my eye this week; it helped that there was a picture of Chris Hughton at the top.  Anything associated with him gets my attention because it revives memories of good times.  The article reported that the Professional Footballers’ Association and the Football League have agreed to work towards the implementation of the plan and to do that they will have to get the 72 clubs to agree to it.

The plan is designed to increase the number of black and ethnic-minority managers in football.  That’s why Hughton’s pictures was there; he is the only black manager in the Premier League. The plan won’t force clubs to appoint ethnic-minority managers and coaches but will require that they interview some of them. The PFA is concerned that many former players have a hard time getting interviews and has drawn up a “Ready List” of black coaches who want to get into management.

I think this is a good idea.  A similar plan seems to have worked well for the National Football League in the USA and the equal-opportunities lawyer who got that going, Cyrus Mehri, flew over to London to advise the PFA at their meeting with the FL.

One of the names on the PFA “Ready List” is well known to Birmingham City fans; it’s Michael Johnson.  I wonder if fans would like to have him managing the Blues sometime in the future.  What do you think?

Click here for a link to the Telegraph article and here for a link to an article on the PFA site about Cyrus Mehri.