Carpe diem

I went to the opening of the new Library of Birmingham today and was quite impressed, both by the building, the crowd who turned up to see it, and the poise of Malala Yousafzai as she made her speech.

The building was crammed but I did have a bit of a look round. I took the escalators and travelator to the 4th floor and from there it was a choice between lifts or stairs. I decided to climb the stairs. It just seemed nobler to leave all available space in the lifts for the frail and elderly. By the time I reached the 7th floor I’d remembered I was elderly.

Library protestAlongside the official opening there was a much smaller unofficial event, a protest by the Friends of the Library of Birmingham.* They had banners with short messages and leaflets with more details; there was also a petition to sign.  They had obviously put a lot of thought into planning their protest but probably not a lot of money.  And they managed to get their message across to lots of people.  As I left the building I noticed their banner hanging from one of the terraces.

There’s been a lot of discussion among Birmingham City fans about the pros and cons of protests. I don’t want to rehash all the arguments; I just want to say that there are ways of getting a message across in a peaceful way.

*Friends of the Library of Birmingham have put pictures of the protest on their Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Carpe diem

  1. chris

    The outside of the new library looks worse than the 1960’s building it replaces and that building has been neglected for the last twenty years.
    Another example of the useless Birmingham City Council, that now drags it’s feet on protecting our ground from vultures while it wastes £180 million of taxpayers money on a modern day carbuncle instead of a modern Neoclassical design.

  2. Blooflame

    I’ve wanted protests for quite some time now. To cover you here my following comments are a personal view. Having spent some time in Hong Kong and dealt with HK chinese as friends here, I’m aware that corruptionis a way of life there, it goes hand in glove with gambling. For some years I’ve accused Yeung and pannu of being crooks, hiding financial dealings (misdealings) in HK. The club is being milked dry before our eyes and NO ONE wants to do anything about it. Why are these people being given more chances? It’s a con, there are no real independent buyers. The only thing being bought is time. This club may well be the first to actually go out of business. No one wants to buy it at present. A good businessman will wait for administration and then make a move, and that’s the reality. Relegation will be more probable than possible. So…would I protest for my club and colours? too right mate, I’m venemous over that lot, it focussed minds everywhere else when protests erupted. As for the players? Well they’re doing their best with a very poor manager, so the target must be the board and manager in that order!!!

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