As the Birmingham City players and staff walked off the pitch at Cardiff, I couldn’t help wondering how many of them will be with us next season. Gary Rowett has talked about making decisions on players and has also been the subject of rumours himself, with some suggesting he may leave the club. I hope he stays but, as I said at the beginning of this season, “I’m going to try not to spend too much time thinking about the bad things before they have actually happened.

I hadn’t been to Cardiff before and had a little look round the city centre as well as going to the game. The castle was striking but the statue of Aneurin Bevan, covered in pigeon poo, looked rather sad and seemed symbolic of the present state of the National Health Service that he set up.

It was another game that Blues should have won but didn’t. They hit the woodwork and had shots cleared from the goal line. Quite a few of our fans had St George flags to wave at the Welsh and I’ve never heard God Save the Queen sung with such vehemence. I think that most of us had gone with the intention of enjoying the day. And we did.