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Birmingham City is not playing as I type this blog, so I am still reasonably rational.  I know that football is a game and if we lose it won’t be the end of the world.  I also know that when I’m at St Andrew’s this evening I’ll be in my game-watching mode, which isn’t at all rational. I will feel that playing well and winning is the most important thing in the world.  I do sometimes wonder why on earth I put myself through all this stress.

Leaving the pitch at Cardiff

The last six years have been very confusing for us Blues fans. I can remember watching our players and staff walk off the pitch at Cardiff in May 2016 and wondering which of them would still be with the club the following season. Then the next season we had three different managers and I put a foggy road picture on the site to show how uncertain I felt about the future.

This week, I was encouraged by a reminder that there is a brighter side to football. In Colombia, after 53 years of fighting, a peace deal was approved and now they are trying to reintegrate more than 7,000 guerrilla fighters back into civilian life.  Football, the game once used to wash dirty money, in which referees were murdered, this game is now being used to set “an example of how former enemies may put their differences aside and move on with their lives, it could help reconciliation.” Click here to read the details.

Today, we start again with another new manager. Steve Cotterill has said all the right things and I can’t help hoping that, this time, it will go well. I think we have drawn our last three games against Cardiff and a draw wouldn’t be a bad result though, of course, I’m hoping for a win.  If Colombian guerrillas can be reconciled with those they fought against then surely our players can learn to play together as a team.

2 thoughts on “Cardiff game

  1. Bazzathebluenose

    I’m feeling apprehensive about the game to be honest. We seem incapable of keeping a clean sheet and can’t score anywhere near enough goals which is a very bad combination and explains why we are where we are in the table. Like you, I would settle for a draw right now and in fact a string of three or four goalless encounters would not go amiss. For those thinking that is negative, I would suggest it’s realistic. It has to be hoped that the new manager has got the players organised and carrying out the basics properly so that we don’t concede daft, soft efforts like the vast majority at Hull who aren’t a great team themselves. Keep clean sheets and the wins will follow. Simples!

  2. dean johnson

    If we don’t lose most of us will be happy. If the owners of the club become the guests of FARC in the Columbian jungle I’d be happier!

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