Can we shape the future?

There’s an interesting report about Portsmouth in the Guardian today.  It describes their 4 traumatic years plunging down the leagues and their new start as a fan-owned club.

Here’s some numbers from the report:

2              periods of insolvency in last 3 years

3              relegations

7              owners in quick succession

16            age of fan helping to raise £1000 to buy a share in the club

15,999      crowd for first game in League 2 this season

2.3 million  pounds raised by supporters’ trust to finance takeover

From the point of view of a Birmingham City fan, the report provides reasons to fear and to hope.  The present situation of our club is not good but it could, like Portsmouth, experience much worse.  We can hope too, hope that like the Pompey fans we’ll stick together and not allow our club to die.

There’s a plaque at Fratton Park that says: “On this site once more stands a mighty football club. We cannot change the past but we can shape the future. Dedicated to all those fans who took a stand and refused to allow Portsmouth FC to die.”

Here are the links for the article and pictures:

Portsmouth reborn as supporters prepare for a different type of battle

Portsmouth: a club reborn – in pictures

2 thoughts on “Can we shape the future?

  1. Eamon C

    Hope what’s happening at Blues does not go the same way as both Portsmouth and Coventry. However the owners seem not to care anymore, but the Portsmouth experience shows it can be saved by the fans if necessary.

  2. sappy sad

    ………..with seats in st Andrews being empty the club must take the opportunity to attract blues future fans the more young fans you can attract now the bigger the future for blues ,….so get organising with deals for schools……..players contracts must never be cut and dried if the club drop down a division at minimum the club must at minimum take control of sponsorship of players wages ………players visits to schools will also aid future blues support

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