Can we do the triple over Yeovil?

Yeovil have already provided two sets of pleasant memories1 for me this season, when I watched Blues play at Huish Park on August 10th and August 27th. The travel to the League game through holiday traffic was interminable but the win and standing on the terraces to watch it made the travel worthwhile.  The cup game on the 27th was memorable for many reasons and the travel was better; I went by train and stayed overnight. 

In theory, tomorrow’s home against Yeovil is a game that Birmingham City should win but that doesn’t mean we will. Lee Clark made the usual this-will-be-the-excuse-if-we-get-beat predication of a “tough game” in the preview2 on the official site. He explained that although Yeovil have lost games they have haven’t been beaten in all the games they’ve lost. To give the exact quote, “they’ve been unfortunate in some of the games they’ve lost. They’ve only been beaten on a couple of occasions. The rest of the time they’ve always been in the game.”

That should make all of us Blues fans feel better. We can be confident that our team will be in the game.  Although the financial situation is pretty desperate I think we will still have 18 fit players by tomorrow afternoon and I’ve never been to a match where they didn’t come onto the pitch and take part in the game. So, although Blues may lose they shouldn’t get beaten.

So, I’ll be at the game tomorrow, hoping that Blues can get their third win of the season against Yeovil. I’m also hoping that the crowd will be a bit larger than the one on Tuesday evening so come and join me at St Andrews if you can.

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